Performance of Intumescent Fire Protection Coatings in Non-Standard Heating Scenarios

Flame Propagation Apparatus

Fire Propagation Apparatus, Rushbrook Fire Lab, University of Edinburgh
The Flame Propagation Apparatus (FPA) like the cone calorimeter is a heat release calorimeter, but differs in that it uses infra-red heaters, to heat the sample. The FPA is used to determine:

  • Critical heat flux for Ignition
  • Thermal response parameter
  • Effective heat of combustion
  • Chemical and convective heat release rates
  • Fire Propagation Index
  • Average Corrosion Index
  • Smoke yield

Currently, the FPA used in the Rushbrook Fire lab, at the University of Edinburgh, is the only one of it's kind in the U.K. It can impose a heat flux of  up to 80kW/m2, supplied by infrared heaters, which are cooled with a water coolant system. Quartz cylinders control, and supply, level of oxygen content to the specimen flame while enabling radiant heat from the infrared heating system to reach the sample.